We make connecting with prospects easy!

Here is how we do it:
  • The EZ Chats team will review your desired prospects that you would like to meet at Contact.io.
  • We will then compare your filters with conference attendee list and compile qualified contact list.
  • We will then conduct personalized outreach on your behalf to generate at least FIVE 1-on-1 face to face meetings (20 min) at Contact.io 2022.


We do all the leg work as you sit back and plan for an excellent conference!


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While most services can cost upwards of thousands of dollars for a single meeting, the EZ Chats service will generate 5 meetings at the affordable cost of $1950 .

Each additional meeting beyond 5 will be billable at $250.

If only one of your qualified meetings turns into a client, you will reap huge returns on this small investment!