Aug 28- Aug 30th, 2024


Denver, CO



Contact is your chance to join 700+ Pay-Per-Call marketers, call center executives, entrepreneurs, and technology leaders spanning some of the largest sectors of the economy from telephony, financial services, healthcare, home services, professional services, and travel, among many others.

If any of the following, describe your business – high touch, high immediacy, high lifetime value, and/or appointment-based – Contact is the summit for increasing your business growth through the most powerful marketing and contact channel.

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Why Attend…

Contact helps brands, advertisers, and agencies navigate next gen growth via the phone and figure out which tools to use, how to use them, and which partners are best.

  • If you spend money on marketing that leads to inbound or outbound calls
  • If you buy calls or are thinking about buying calls
  • If you receive online inquires and outbound contact strategies are important to you
  • If you have an internal contact center and would like to improve yield
  • If you want to go beyond the call with two-way sms, video, and more
  • If the words, speak to an agent, contact a representative, ask us a question appear on your site

Contact is right for you!

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Other topics covered at the show…

  • Who’s Buying, Where, and What Are They Paying
  • How to Track, Route, Optimize, and Analyze Your Calls
  • What Systems to Use and How to Integrate Them
  • What emerging technologies can provide more efficiency
  • The Must-Know Tips before Starting any Call Campaign
  • Click to Call from Paid Search
  • Call Re-targeting and CRM Re-marketing
  • The Best Tools for Creating an in-house Call Center
  • Pros and Cons of Dedicated Reps for Specific Traffic Sources
  • When to Leverage a Third-Party Call Center
  • The Keys to Call Monitoring and Compliance
  • How to Go Beyond the Call – SMS, Video Chat and messaging
  • Crap Calls and Call Fraud – When It’s Better not to Answer
  • TCPA, Stir Shaken, and other regulatory updates
  • And, More!

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Experience the culture of downtown from Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center. Located one block from the 16th Street Mall and walking distance to Denver Center for the Performing Arts, our hotel offers a stylish stay in downtown Denver with access to the 27th-floor Peaks Lounge, the highest-rising lounge in the city with spectacular Rocky Mountain views.

Hyatt Regency Denver

650 15th Street, Denver, Colorado, United States, 80202

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