Who Qualifies
for a $295 pass?

What is a “Brand”? To qualify as an “Brand” you must purchase calls or use third party servivces for your own consumption and do not sell or broker calls/leads, are not a marketing agency or a 3rd party call center, and do not provide SaaS services to Brands.

Examples of a Brand: Mortgage company, insurance company, solar installer, finance company, home services brand, College or University, etc. (i.e. Bank of America, DirectTV, AllState Insurance, University of Florida, ADT, etc)

A Brand is NOT a Call center, marketing agency, lead/call sellers, lead broker, publisher, click marketplace, SaaS company that provides services to Brands, data company, etc.

Why do we give out
heavily discounted
passes to Brands?

We believe that an educated Brand is the basis for industry growth and this is how we put our money where our mouth is.

We believe that supporting the attendance of brands that purchase, want to purchase calls or improve their outbound call strategy is essential for the success of all companies within the contact center and pay-per-call industry. Without the proper knowledge of how to find good sources, work calls once they are received, or optimize campaigns based important KPI’s, a Brand cannot be truly successful.

This is why we make it our mission to support Brands looking to fully leverage lead generation partnerships and strategies by providing a pass for only $295.

Disclaimer: Limited passes are available and it is on a first come first serve basis. Completing the form below does not guarantee you a discounted pass.