Click-to-Call Advertising: The Multi-Billion Dollar Revolution in Customer Connection

March 7, 2023    Comment off

Click-to-call advertising has become an increasingly popular form of advertising in recent years, as more and more businesses are realizing the value of having customers call them directly. This type of advertising allows businesses to easily connect with potential customers who are actively searching for their products or services, and has been shown to be an effective way to drive conversions and sales.

According to a report by eMarketer, it was estimated that advertisers in the United States would spend $23.42 billion on click-to-call advertising in 2021. This represents a significant increase from previous years, and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

One of the main reasons for the growth of click-to-call advertising is the increasing use of mobile devices. As more people use their smartphones to search for information and make purchases, click-to-call advertising has become an important tool for businesses looking to connect with these consumers. By including a clickable phone number in their ads, businesses can make it easy for customers to call them directly, without having to navigate to a separate website or contact form.

In addition, click-to-call advertising has been shown to be particularly effective for local businesses. By targeting ads to specific geographic locations, businesses can connect with customers who are searching for products or services in their area. This can be especially useful for businesses that provide services such as plumbing, HVAC, or electrical repairs, which often require immediate attention.

The growth of click-to-call advertising has also been driven by improvements in technology. Ad platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads have made it easy for businesses to create and manage click-to-call campaigns, and have provided valuable data and analytics to help businesses optimize their ads and track their results.

According to a report by BIA/Kelsey, it was estimated that click-to-call advertising would generate $13.7 billion in revenue in 2020, up from $7.4 billion in 2016. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 21%, and demonstrates the increasing importance of click-to-call advertising for businesses of all sizes.

In conclusion, click-to-call advertising has become an essential tool for businesses looking to connect with customers and drive sales. As more people use their mobile devices to search for information and make purchases, and as technology continues to improve, click-to-call advertising is likely to continue its rapid growth in the coming years. With billions of dollars being spent on click-to-call advertising annually, it’s clear that this form of advertising is here to stay. You can find click-to-call or pay-per-call companies on