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The Wild, Wild West of Outbound Call Generation: What You Need to Know to Make It Work

Author Zachary Bitsoi While no universal playbook exists for optimizing outreach to leads, most brands can benefit from a multifaceted approach that entails a cohesive combination of touchpoints. At Vivint, we operate a robust call center that consists of highly trained agents who are eager to speak with the next prospect. Blending their enthusiasm with […]

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Agent Performance. Optimizing Performance, and Compliance, Through Technology

Author: Ryan Stomel At Contact.IO, I had the opportunity to moderate a session on speech analytics and quality control.  As the CEO of Call Criteria, I am aware of the various technologies that call centers are using and what the potential upside and downside is of each solution.   Rob Bayer, CEO of Anomaly Squared, Jeff […]

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