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The Must Know Tips Before Starting Any Call Campaign Recap

By Kelly Kern, Digital Media Sales Executive Soleo Communications, Inc. The Performance Marketing industry is still growing, now representing over $8.2 Billion annually, and it’s estimated call campaigns make up over $600 Million1 of that very large pie. While that percentage is still relatively small, just 10 years ago, this category of performance marketing didn’t […]

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The Past, Present, and Future of Pay-Per-Call

Author: Andrew J. Chung The pay-per-call industry has evolved tremendously over the last ten years. In this article, which is the summary of the presentation from the Contact.IO conference that occurred in September of 2021 by Andrew J. Chung, the Director of Pay-Per-Call at Visiqua, we will explore the history of pay per call marketing, a summary […]

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The Wild, Wild West of Outbound Call Generation: What You Need to Know to Make It Work

Author Zachary Bitsoi While no universal playbook exists for optimizing outreach to leads, most brands can benefit from a multifaceted approach that entails a cohesive combination of touchpoints. At Vivint, we operate a robust call center that consists of highly trained agents who are eager to speak with the next prospect. Blending their enthusiasm with […]

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Agent Performance. Optimizing Performance, and Compliance, Through Technology

Author: Ryan Stomel At Contact.IO, I had the opportunity to moderate a session on speech analytics and quality control.  As the CEO of Call Criteria, I am aware of the various technologies that call centers are using and what the potential upside and downside is of each solution.   Rob Bayer, CEO of Anomaly Squared, Jeff […]

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